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I make a lot of use of 3D modelling in my artistic work these days. My interest in 3D modelling was initially driven by public art projects. In my work, I mostly use Rhino and its sub-application Grasshopper and Blender.


There are many things that interest me in 3D modelling. First, it offers countless benefits and is a vital skill, especially when implementing public works of art. In 3D modelling, the so-called parametric design is also really interesting. In it, the 3D model can be modified in countless ways when the parametric code chain is once credited. See here for a simple practical example of this K17.


3D modelling can be used more as a tool to implement physical works. Of particular interest in this frame of reference is the interface between the 3d model and the physical sculpture. Creating 3d models is just the first step here, at least as important is how this model can actually be implemented.


I myself am also interested in modelling purely just playing with different programs and creating models that are never even meant to be implemented.

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