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I still use a lot of wood in my artistic creation. I also use other materials alongside it. I myself have a solid knowledge of the traditional techniques and materials of sculpture. In recent years, I have begun to combine computer skills with my previous skills. I have combined 3d animation with traditional sculpture and combined sound worlds with sculptures.


I myself am fascinated by the new possibilities they offer in 3D modeling and the utilization of various computer programs. For myself, they are tools where a carving chisel or chainsaw is. Tools are a central part of my artistic work. Of course, they give the sculptures their concrete form, but they also seem to fundamentally qualify thinking and imagination. Tools are also tools of thinking. With the nature of tools and the internalization of the opportunities they offer, thinking and imagination gain new material and tools. 

Design / Carpenter

Making art is my biggest passion and has not been my full-time artist since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts. I also once graduated as a carpenter and in addition to doing art, I also practice it. I want to make high-quality and durable furniture and pay attention to their visual appearance and functionality.  For more information on the carpenter's activities, visit the carpenter's page.

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