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150cm x 80cm x 60cm

Kuusi, Haapa,, ruostumaton terä, maali

Some kind of organism lying on a table. Made of wood. Hard to say what it is. Even for me. When I was doing it I always changed my plans if it started to look too much like something that you would immediately recognize.

For me in the work process critical moment was that when I but this organism from wood carving pedestal on the table. Then I did get the strong feeling that I am some kind of operator how is modifying some living organism. After that my working methods did get new dimensions. I felt quite differently if you compare working with a big axe or if I were sanding the work by my hands and feeling the subtle form in my fingertips.

So this wood sculpture is not particularly trying to represent something. More it is about life and death and that line between them.

When is something alive? What can be alive? When is something dead?

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