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Forest 2.0


The work was created by the Järvenpää Art Museum's Tour for the exhibition. The idea of the exhibition was to take influences, inspiration or equate one's own work with the Järvenpää Art Museum's collection of artists' works or production. In this work, I was inspired by Eero Järnefelt's wood-themed paintings. Based on the paintings, I modeled the animation trees and made the physical trees. In the animation, the trees fall apart. Physical trees, in turn, have been rebuilt in heaps of halos.


When making the work, I wondered what was the relationship of the artists of Järnefelt's time to the forests and the wider environment? What was the so-called. figuratively was behind Järnefelt's back when he painted his Koli-themed works? Was he already clear-cutting behind him?  

The sound world of the work was realized by Sohei Yasui.

Trees 250-120cm x 100cm x 100cm

3d animation of the work
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