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I have to explain a little about the technique related to this big wall art piece because it is so Deeply related to works idea. In this work, Aluminum is casted inside the mold with wood where melted Aluminum, witch temperature is over 660 ° C, aggressively Burns wood. Wood is Somehow holding its ground and it is only partly burnt away. That's why some pieces of wood are turned into charcoal but there are also original wood pieces left. Also, you can smell the burnt wood in the final piece.


Molten Aluminum, wood - and their reaction. Charred wood and Aluminum. A landscape and a horizon formed by two materials that are important to us. One of them organic and innocent, used by humans throughout the history. The other one the most common metal in the Earth's crust. Harnessed only by the industry. Materials used in the two World Wars by the military industry and in countless jars and cans.

A landscape and a horizon, wood and Aluminum, mankind and the world around us, countless reactions and events. The organization and disintegration of nature and the world.

240cm x 356cm x 6cm

Cast aluminum, wood

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