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The Reeds work was completed in the spring of 2020. The work consists of 12 stainless steel welded reeds. Each individual “reed” is painted and there are lights inside.


The client (City of Järvenpää) hoped that the subject of the work would be related to the ideas collected from kindergartens in the area. The work draws on the natural features of nearby Lake Tuusulanjärvi and plays on a scale. I was also responsible for the roundabout landscaping. I ended up with a solution where a meter is raised in the middle of the roundabout and the surface is landscaped with round natural stones, which further ties the whole to the nature and water theme.


I modeled the reeds myself and welded them together. The steel construction company Steelhouse laser cut and edged the reed parts according to the models I provided. I was also responsible for lighting design together with Eltel.


The length of the reeds is 3.2 - 2m

Stainless steel, paint, lights

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