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Man With a Blue Pants


Haapa, väri

My finished wood sculpture Man With a Blue Pants. When I started to do this wood sculpture I had first different I idea in my mind. Original idea was that I would take the face away and cast resin inside the head. When the working process got further I changed my plans. I did use reference photos of myself. And when I was working I got more and more interested themes related to the body, body image and how bodies are represented on media and in social media. Like I would not but those reference photos in social media, but I don’t have any problems to but a photos of this work in social media. In this work, I was also interested to make quite realistic flesh. Also, I was interested to carve a head little bit more like a classical creek way, but then a body more realistic way. In the chest was a big branch and I cracked really badly when I was carving it. I decided to glue more wood on top it. In that point, I did not think any meaning of this patchment, but when the piece was finished the patching also gives more meaning to this work. Somehow it is also related to body image and our need to improve our bodies.

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