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Birch, paint

The work was part of the Järvenpää Art Museum's Circulation exhibition. The work was based on Venny Soldan-Brofeldt's work on a seated woman. My work On A Chair was also featured in that exhibition. These three works are essentially interconnected. The sculpture On A Chair was first born  Based on Venny's painting. I also made a line drawing of the sitting model with a computer program. Model's work thus combines Venny's work with a three-dimensional sculpture study made of it. As a whole  Model opposite two figures based on that painting but are  have undergone a vigorous editing process.


The implementation of Model was a complex process and involves numerous different layers and work steps. I was fascinated by combining the classical art theme with a “living model,” but implementing it in contemporary methods.  The execution of the work was also interesting, as I gave a lot of power to machines and various programs while in my previous production I have realized my work by hand carving.


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