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100cm x 120cm x 80xm

As a country, a tree, wooden plugs

A Damson (subspecies of a plum tree) tree from my parent's yard. Witch, I did dig up from the ground. Then I transformed the whole tree. If you straighten every Bend you get the original tree back.

For me, the main theme in this contemporary sculpture is related Somehow to the changes through time and also to Memories. What is the Essence of things? Is the transformed tree still the same witch I used to pick plums when I was a kid?

An important theme in this piece is also the relationship between humans and nature. How have humans transformed nature through our history? In this process, there is a lot of violence and aggressive manipulation, but also care-taking elements. Similarly, I operated on these different levels when I was making this sculpture. Cutting the branches were an aggressive and violent process. Joining then back together more humane.

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