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170cm x 48cm x 24xm

Kuusi, puutulpat

A woman made of wood. I made this piece when I was still at the Academy. I wanted to make a wooden figure using a life model as a reference. The process was interesting for me because it was a combination of building the form from timber and then shaping it by an axe and wood chisels.


This process was also important for me because the way how I made this sculpture give me the inspiration to make Experimental Organism. I did like the rotation between this building phase and sculpting phase.


Also before this sculpture, I had also been only sculpting that kind of wood type which is great to sculpt. This wooden figure is made from spruce which is purchased from a hardware store. So woods properties made me sculpt this piece differently than I had carved before. I couldn’t carve so many details so it was more about overall form.

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